Our team

The Club has transformed from a closed independent community to a managed public media project - the new CPA.Club is very different from the private elitist forum maintained by Eugene KaumOff, Yaroslav D0ZZeR and all residents for many years. Today, the Club is a multi-format media platform with —different access levels, participants of different income levels and expertise, and a small community of market leaders, CPA.Club claims to be an international platform for all CPA marketing professionals.

Servicing such ambitions is only possible with a competent team. Support of all media directions, regular preparation of content and its placement work with Influencers, organization and  launch of thematic events — this is what we are working on  tirelessly to return the Club to its former authority and maintain it.

A public company should not hide its face. We have nothing to cover up and are proud of what we do. You'll be able to learn about the company’s mission and goals on the relevant page, and below, let me introduce the team members who support the Club’s work every day.
  • Mikhail

    Business Owner and Project Evangelist

  • Andrii

    Head of Dev

  • Roman

    UA Manager and Media buyer

  • Vlad

    Head of Design

  • Kira

    HR Business Partner

  • Artyom

    Editor in Chief

  • Elena

    Content Manager

  • Alina

    Content Manager

  • Kateryna

    Content Lead

  • Sofia

    Senior Sales Manager

  • Miras

    Junior Golang Developer

  • Robot the Kesha