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Affiliate World Asia

What's happened?

Recently, at Affiliate World Asia, (held in Bangkok) Affiliate World Europe was announced to be moving once again: this time to Hungary. iStack Holdings are very conservative when it concerns their in-house events, so this fact of transfer is unusual in itself, as they also changed the dates. Let's analyze the situation in seven minutes.

What all that means:

We’ve already posted that SiGMA Group has decided to cooperate with STM forum owners. Now, the dates of both affiliate conferences will be coordinated and mutually agreed. Despite there are still almost 2 months before the “Dubai double” of the events, we are to expect that the European events will be arranged the same way.

SiGMA Group

Let us think: iStack team has been making Affiliate World Conferences since 2015. After their debut conferences in Bangkok and Berlin, the guys managed to find their golden standard, then they fixed it, and (from an organizational point of view) nothing has been changing for years. The events scaled (and prices are going up either), but the stage, booth, program structure, schedule and even headliners are the same from year to year. Even the around-events and events around each “AVA” are the same, give or take. Just look at the conference albums year by year and try to find significant differences in how everything looks.

At the same time, there is the fast-growing SiGMA Group. A significant part of SiGMA's exhibitors are iGaming brands, which are always hungry to affiliate traffic. The fact that SiGMA has moved closer to iStack is obvious to anyone. And they are increasing integration. The affiliate community is rumouring that the amount of the deal is 30%.

Eman Pulis, founder of SiGMA Group

Guess who? :)) AWA 2015.

Okay, what's up with Budapest?

AWE ‘24 will take place in Budapest in September (not in summer, as we are used to). Okay, what other affiliate event traditionally takes place in September? Right you are, SiGMA CIS & Balkans! There is no point in SiGMA pumping up its SiGMA Europe (global version). It’s big enough, gathering 20k+ people. But the regional SiGMA is okay for some boost. Thus, regional SiGMA will also take place in Hungary in close coordination with AWE. So good for everyone

Instead of the Conclusion.

The affiliate community in Eastern Europe and CIS has not had lots of affiliate events lately. But now we have a relatively accessible geography for everyone, plus two-in-one amazing events for affiliate enthusiasts of any caliber! Well done, SiGMA, keep up the good work! Every CIS affiliate is grateful indeed.

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