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SiGMA Europe 2023 is a major international expo in the Gaming niche as part of SiGMA brand. SiGMA itself is 7 niche local and international conferences  large media, a bunch of printed materials and a venture fund for investing in promising iGaming projects.

Local and International SiGMAs are very different both in composition of participants (and in scale either). In September, SiGMA CIS (CIS) will be held in Cyprus, however, the CIS companies themselves, except for those based in Cyprus, will miss this event and throw their energy into the event in Malta. According to Denis Dzyubenko, regional events “prepare” companies for what happens at large expos.

It is important to know that SiGMA is not an affiliate-conf in the traditional form. Arbitrators, SEOs and other business representatives with experience in affiliate marketing are welcome here, but the composition of the participants is not advertising vs the web. For example, Roma Uhowert believes that SiGMA is a brand of food conferences, so CPA advertisers should have a good understanding of where they send employees and carefully prepare for the event.

Take a look at the event map:

event map 

  • The pink zone stands for the B2C sector, where CPA affiliates and advertisers mostly hang out.
  • Orange is a mixed sector where services, payments, slot providers, casino software, etc. are located.
  • Yellow means a B2B sector for large exhibitors, but in fact it is just a hodgepodge of the richest sponsors.

It's obvious from the map that rather 30% of the conference activities are allocated for pure traffic mess. Companies at the conference pursue many goals at once, so they practice an approach that is unusual for affiliate-conf: one brand takes several stands and places different teams with different tasks at each.

For CPA companies, some of the packages are offered with ready-made options for branding (they are cheaper), and some are space only (for development) - look not only at the option footage and location. It makes no sense to build up expensively and uniquely, since there will always be a dozen stands at the conference that are cooler, richer and brighter.

The audience of an affiliate conference is a) traffic (webmasters, affiliates, SEOs, etc.) and b) companies (affiliates, ads, services). SiGMA Europe visitors => 25k+ people involved in the iGaming niche, many of whom have nothing to do with traffic at all. It is impossible to communicate with everyone in principle, no matter how big the team is.

SiGMA media can also be a useful PR tool for affiliate brands. Unlike any affiliate conference, SiGMA produces a lot of high-quality printed correspondence, which looks no worse in quality than an award from any of the “arbitrage awards”. 

SUPER HINT! => If you're partnering with a conf for expensive sponsorship positions, then by all means try to get into their magazine (as an additional option haha).

Let us look:

SIGMA magazine 

Wow. The decision to participate must be made immediately and on the go because the prices for housing / tickets / passes are going up day by day. Already now, "early booking" will not be early. Before the actual conference, companies of various ranks will hold their own private events for colleagues and partners, which cannot be accessed without RSVP. You won't be able to visit them all anyway, but we certainly recommend CPA.Club Connect 2.0 on November 12th. This will be the most “fat” party both in terms of the quality of the event and the list of participants, timed to coincide with the official release of CPA.Club and the release of the entire project into the public field.

CPA.Club Connect 2.0 

Let's sum up then! SiGMA Europe will be expensive for both the company and the affiliate team. But if you are connected with the iGaming niche, you cannot skip it, otherwise the syndrome of lost profit will devour you. And the CPA.Club party will be legendary in general, getting to it is the duty of any TOP-level affiliate.

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