Choosing your first offer: a guide to success

The path to substantial profits lies in your choice of the offer. The pivotal role an offer plays often determines the triumph of an advertising campaign. However, for newcomers, navigating the landscapes of affiliate programs and the multitude of offers they entail can be overwhelming. In this article, we will shed light on the crucial factors deserving your attention while choosing an offer.

Let us assume you've already settled with the Affiliate program (AP) and the vertical. If you're new to affiliate marketing, it makes sense to begin with low-payout offers. These campaigns, usually centered around white themes, are simpler to set up and launch.

At the kickoff stage, it’s good to follow the guidance of your personal manager. While they have their own interest with regard to the promotion of specific offers, their ultimate goal is to facilitate the launch of an impactful advertising campaign for you.

Observing your rivals is an enlightening tactic. While outright imitation won't benefit either party, discrete analysis can hone your instincts and glean insights from the achievements of other affiliate marketers.

Venture into Tier 3 countries. These encompass India, Africa, the Philippines, etc. Despite their lower paying capacity compared to Tier 1 countries, these locales are popular for cost-effective traffic and higher conversion rates. They provide an ideal testing ground for diverse strategies.

Assess the quality of the landing page, including the loading speed, stats updates, call center service quality, etc. Do some split tests.

  • A sluggish load time detrimentally affects conversions.

  • Timely updates of statistics and order statuses are essential to prevent “blind action”.

  • A responsive call center is pivotal – test their responsiveness by submitting a request on their website. If you're met with silence, you’d better opt out of such offers. Moreover, favor providers that provide around the clock service, elevating your chances of getting an approval.

  • Through meticulous testing, you can make an idea of the offers and funnels. You may want to test similar offers from various affiliate programs, comparing their prices.

Experiment with unconventional formats and new form factors that haven't saturated the potential audience. This increases the likelihood of captivating your target customers. As a newcomer you might be apprehensive about untested approaches, rest assured that verticals like sweepstakes, dating, and installs are both high-converting and approachable.

Exercise caution regarding suspiciously low prices and unrealistic offers. Often, hidden caveats lurk in fine print, making these seemingly enticing deals far less lucrative than they appear. In fact, a reduced cost applies for significant bulk purchases. Consequently, offers of this nature rarely extend to actual orders.

In conclusion

In your quest for the most profitable offers, remember that trial and error will be your guide. Scrutinize terms meticulously. Stay abreast of trends, keeping tabs on regional relevance, seasonal shifts in conversion rates, and strategies employed by your competitors.

Good luck!

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