Community Growth!

Let us be a community!

The ecosystem of the new CPA.Club is built on the following fundamentals: mutual assistance, support and respect. Any professional environment can exist only when its participants make some feasible contribution to its development. That's why we invite all industry representatives to publish their materials on the blog and the forum. All affiliate marketers learned not only from their experiments and mistakes, but also from the materials posted by more experienced colleagues. By creating content together, we help each other become smarter, more efficient and richer as a result. Join the CPA.Club community and post your materials: become authors, contributors and ambassadors of the affiliate industry market.

What do members of the Club community get?

By posting materials on the blog and forum, you not only help colleagues but also get access to a loyal-quality audience. And some additional PR for your brand either, by the way. We will help to make your contents visible to relevant people. We will help to improve the material: we proofread, high quality format it, provide additional expertise and turn to eminent professionals for expert opinion (if any). CPA.Club also helps to promote: we will place links to the best texts and videos in media channels, translate the material into other languages and post on your behalf.

Your articles, podcasts, videos and blogs will be studied first of all by other members of the Club. These are the competent colleagues who strive to develop their own expertise. You will receive high-quality feedback, adequate healthy feedback and competent questions in the end. By helping others learn, you learn new things yourself.

Reputation and achievements

Responsible and active authors of materials can apply for the status of contributors. For participation in the life of the community, you get reputation points. All CPA.Club contributors receive a special club card from us. The presence of a club card allows contributors, ambassadors, residents to attend any events with the participation of CPA.Club for free and without purchasing tickets. The map is a lifetime pass to our own events and niche conferences where we participate.

The best authors and content makers also get access to the private section of the club. You will be able to freely communicate and keep in touch with the owners of affiliate networks and services, large advertisers, C-level managers, industry TOPs. This is a great opportunity for networking, searching for new projects and integrations.

Respect points from the affiliates

Every year CPA.Club conducts an independent assessment of the contribution of each company and individual participants to the development of the industry. Club Awards is our way of celebrating and thanking for the efforts of those who make the biggest impact in the affiliate market. Along with this, we celebrate the best authors of the club and the most diligent contributors. Your name may be on the same list as those who move the entire niche forward.

Brand Development

CPA.Club can be an additional channel for promoting your product or brand. We are comfortable posting materials that have already been published elsewhere. We are not chasing uniqueness, we are not in a hurry to SEO for any existing key request. We need your content, but it is not the main value of the club, but the community that will find this content necessary and useful.

It’s time to join

The Club also does not mind working with free agents: authors and copywriters. We will be happy to pay for high-quality thematic materials on the terms of a unique placement. In addition, we are always on the lookout for talented content makers to join our team. If you are a good content manager, community manager or author, feel free to write to us and offer yourself.

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