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The world of affiliate marketing is inherently dynamic, where what works  today may quickly fade away  tomorrow. Topics, strategies, resources, teams, affiliates, and entire sectors are in a constant state of change and evolution. Yesterday's top performers can transform into service providers, fading into the background, while newcomers seemingly appear out of nowhere to captivate the media and become household names. Those involved in the affiliate niche experience even greater volatility than the ones in show business. This is precisely why affiliate marketing requires its own version of a Walk of Fame, an achievement board, and a catalog of well-merited industry professionals.

CPA.AllStars serves as both an arbitrage hall of fame and a networking directory for professionals within our field, as endorsed by CPA.Club. Within this section, you'll discover renowned industry figures who have left an indelible mark on the history of the Club and CPA marketing.


Here, you'll encounter not only the Club's top achievers but also individuals who have substantially contributed to the industry's growth in various capacities. Whether you're an industry veteran or a newcomer, the AllStars catalog offers a valuable resource for gaining initial insights into the prominent figures in the field, making it particularly useful for those preparing to attend conferences.

This is how we introduce the exciting new profile from CPA.Club  a comprehensive section dedicated to honoring individuals who have left their mark on the CPA industry at any time in the past and present. Whether they are brilliant employees of companies, innovative business owners, talented young executives, insightful bloggers, or captivating speakers and presenters, each contributes uniquely to the advancement of affiliate marketing. It is our sincere commitment to acknowledge and celebrate these remarkable individuals.

How it Works

Every now and then, we introduce a fresh ensemble of 9 new luminaries into the AllStars lineup. Purposefully, we refrain from categorizing list members based on their level of prominence, current relevance, overall achievements, or other metrics. The AllStars Alley stands as an emblem of recognition, not a ranking, for those individuals who, according to the consensus, have made significant contributions to the evolution of affiliate marketing.

Within a single selection, you'll find a diverse array of figures, ranging from leaders in prominent companies to dedicated (though certainly not regular) industry practitioners. In the same cohort, you might encounter both contemporary community thought leaders and those whom arbitrage is a past story. We honor individuals for their enduring contributions and the characters who command unwavering respect, as well as those whose reputations have weathered the test of time. The sole prerequisite for earning a “star” is a notable contribution into the industry, marketplace, and the affiliate marketing landscape.

Speaking of which, affiliate marketing and arbitrage are not always associated with transparency and candor. The idiosyncrasies of this market may lead some to embellish their achievements, while other things might be kept counsel. Nonetheless, one unassailable criterion prevails: demonstrable results, be it in the past or present, serve as the benchmark for retaining a place within CPA.Allstars.

Wait. The cards?

We envision that the comprehensive AllStars directory could serve as a valuable resource for educating novice professionals. Consider a scenario where one of your employees is attending their first industry conference, yet their network and familiarity within the community are limited. The most effective way to acquaint them with the industry's foremost figures is by having them delve into the AllStars catalog.

In situations where a company employee or a newcomer webmaster may unintentionally say something excessive or inappropriate, lacking knowledge about the individuals they are interacting with, a brief and insightful crash course can be a safeguard for your brand against unwarranted reputational risks. For instance, just picture a scenario where an inexperienced manager unwittingly picks on someone like Evgeny Ivanov at a conference; they’d better not😊

It’s pretty straightforward: if someone has earned a "star" in our catalog, it testifies to their significant value, and you should definitely get to know this person. Our entire catalog comprises uncomplicated cards:

  • The front of each card showcases their professional achievements and distinctions.

  • The back side provides engaging tidbits about their interests to facilitate conversations and discover shared topics.

  • If the "star" has received legitimate awards, honors, and titles (not self-proclaimed, naturally), we'll include those on the card as well.

  • Contact information is optional, as not everyone desires to receive peculiar inquiries via email.

I Want to Be in AllStars!

Certainly, and that's truly praiseworthy. Should you believe you've already earned your star, kindly direct your card request to our @clubgate Telegram account, or contact to our Head of PR, @adora_shandy, or our CEO, @mixxxail111, via Telegram.

In response, we will request a link to a photo for your card, your public contact details, professional and fan-related information for completion. Please bear in mind that all provided information undergoes our verification process, and the sequence in which we introduce new AllStars is entirely arbitrary. While you may not get on our immediately next AllStar enlistment, rest assured that you will secure a place in the future.

It's important to note that CPA.Club retains the authority to exclude an individual from the AllStars lineup for specific reasons. While we cherish everyone's accomplishments, we also do not overlook transgressions.  Scams, outstanding debts, fraud, or unethical conduct towards colleagues/partners may serve as grounds for determining a "star" status.

Why it Matters

AllStars stands as more than just a recognition within the community and a testament to an individual's accomplishments in the marketplace.

Our annual rendition of the CPA.Club Awards will be featuring a process involving anonymous judges and experts, as opposed to a straightforward secret ballot. We will exclusively appoint judges for these Awards from among those who have earned their own "star" in CPA.AllStars.

Indeed, it's crucial to emphasize that this particular section will never, under any circumstances, be monetized in any manner. A status on the Walk of Stars is determined solely by meritorious achievements and will never be by financial considerations.

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