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Hello. Many newcomers are also new to the forums. The forum is rather archaic (as a means of communication), thus many specialists in the affiliate simply do not understand how to fill out the survey form, for what they do it, and what it gives as the result.

Three pillars of CPA.Club are: mutual respect, openness and professionalism. The Club differs from the usual anonymous chats for traffic arbitrage. We value the opinion of everyone here, we speak out on the case. We monitor the reputation making every published post worthy. We expect the same attitude to the Club and to each other from any rep of the community. 

Below is a small set of recommendations for those who would like to register on the forum, but do not really understand how to fill out the survey form:

  • Questionnaires during registration are obligatory for everyone, except for the Old(Club)Brothers community (their surveys are already in the private part of the forum). Club members want to know who they are talking to. Accounts without a questionnaire will never get full access to the forum!

  • Create accounts and profiles of real people, not impersonal company profiles. There were many cases in the Club when one corporate account was shared among staff members, the owner, his acquaintances and third-party websites. We want to communicate with real people, not logos.

  • We can assign corporate status to personal accounts. It is not a problem for us to rename the account, reassign the status, change mail, and so on. Therefore, you should not make one profile for the whole company.

  • Try to provide as much information about yourself as possible. Open and honest profiles are more likely to have quality networking. You can remain anonymous, but the “noname” approach gets exactly the same return. If you don't want to be sincere in the community, don't expect sincerity in return.

  • Set an avatar and signature. Your signature and avatar must comply with the general rules of the forum and the Club: not be vulgar, offensive, touch on “sensitive” topics, etc.

  • If you already had an account in CPA.Club, but for some reason it was lost, blocked, deleted by the previous administrator: write to telegram @clubgate . We will find and repair as soon as possible.

  • For partners and companies that used to run threads in a private Club, all access to the closed part of the forum has been revoked.

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