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AdsCompass — complex solution for challenging times

Experience is a valuable asset that cannot be easily wasted or transferred. It remains with us indefinitely. However, regrettably, the lessons learned from life's valuable experiences are not always applicable or useful.

AdsCompass is a native/push/pop traffic network driven by ADMY Platform's exclusive engine. ADMY stands as a technical SaaS solution for the Ads Exchange platform, equipped with an integrated DSP and SSP. This technology has been evolving for approximately 15 years, but it is recognized in the market predominantly as the AdsCompass network.

The AdsCompass brand is said to operate in the affiliate marketing arena for more than a decade. With such extensive expertise, one might expect a skyrocket growth on a scale similar to MGID's success in its prime. However, we are witnessing a phenomenon where the team's wealth of experience deals with hurdles in the landscape of a dynamic and competitive market.

AdsCompass entered the public affiliate marketing sphere in 2018 when Facebook Inc. abruptly withdrew from collaboration with most traffic networks, basically initiating a struggle for dominance. In fact, AdsCompass emerged during the apex of Facebook's battle for power, a period characterized by remarkable conversion rates of Facebook traffic and the vigorous experimentation of teaser affiliates with teaser, news, and celebrity approaches with Facebook traffic. The latter was more cost-effective due to absence of intermediaries, and Facebook’s internal auction Facebook Ads'  provided substantial discounts to advertisers with limited budgets. As a result, native and teaser networks faced significant challenges.


Advertisers who did not migrate to Facebook and Google, redirected their focus towards push and pop traffic. However, the introduction of Chrome 80 update on February 4, 2020, posed unforeseen hurdles for traffic networks.

The extensive experience of the engineers and the project team couldn't shield the brand from global transformations. Companies encountered a scarcity of customers, leading to a period of cost-cutting measures where marketers and PR specialists were sacrificed in the first place. Surprisingly, even substantial and robust teams found themselves grappling with a dearth of PR resources.

A large network with essential benefits

Attracting customers becomes challenging with Facebook traffic being more affordable, demanding less optimization, and offering remarkable conversion rates. AdsCompass, although under-promoted and under-marketed, stands on par with other SSP platforms. Its inherent advantages remain consistent, and it's important to reiterate them:

  • Extensive base of in-house publishers and traffic providers;

  • Robust failsafe platform, capable of managing 40 million clicks daily (as claimed by engineers);

  • High-quality tracker for precise traffic filtering (aka targeting) based on multiple parameters;

  • Effective anti-fraud measures in place;

  • No media buying.

Let's decode the information above. To offer customers optimal service and ensure their own sustainability, traffic networks engaged in active integration with one another, particularly in the push-format. For clients, this would mean that purchasing traffic from one network effectively equaled acquiring traffic from all interconnected networks. This reciprocal arrangement resulted in every network gaining access to substantial volumes of traffic (both internal and resold), yet the quality was not really overseen. Basically, “sell traffic - be the at-a-boy” rule applied. In this context, AdsCompass has a noteworthy backstory to share, which we'll delve into below.

Thus, the networks with their own traffic have special value in pop/push/native formats, and not the ones who add all possible providers to their feeds.

Technical component

The functionality of traffic networks is more or less uniform. They all have their own estimators, postback tracking, and so on. However, the crucial factor lies not in the interface, but in the actual traffic parameters in the flow. This is where ADMY Platform excels: they deliver precisely what you request, adhering strictly to all specified parameters.

The developers within the team actively commit themselves as speakers at DevOps conferences, sharing insights on highly demanding data projects. While certain solutions implemented in the AdsCompass engine might be deemed as relatively common in the developer community (why invest several years into creating something that numerous companies have already developed?), there's a unanimous confidence that the project is run by a team of skilled engineers.


Организация сложных алертов / Андрей Привалов (Adscompass) - Andrei Privalov’s speech at TechLead Conf 2022. 

It is commonly believed that processing traffic is more profitable than generating new traffic. Eventually, the founders of the AdsCompass project came to the conclusion that launching their own affiliate program was a necessary step. The surplus and unutilized traffic needed a platform for monetization, leading to the establishment of Gold Lead CPA-network. This decision is both rational and coherent. However, the combination of "traffic network - affiliate - in-house advertiser" might raise apprehensions among seasoned webmasters.

An intermediary possessing access to an affiliate's information such as sources, promotional materials, and offersmay exploit this data for their own benefit. These concerns are both legitimate and indicative of a reasonable caution. While a full-service company can generate profit through commissions on traffic sales and function as an affiliate network, there's always the possibility of eliminating the affiliate from the equation entirely, thereby increasing profit margins.

We want to reassure you: Gold Lead does not engage in media buying (particularly affiliate marketing). While there are traffic managers responsible for directing unsold traffic towards products within the Partner Program and performing optimizations, there are no affiliates within the consortium of companies.

Downsides and growth points

In our assessment, the primary drawback of the project lies in its sporadic marketing efforts and insufficient “attractiveness” of all brands presented within the holding. While it may indeed be challenging for projects focused on push/pop/native traffic to captivate new audiences, this doesn't justify neglecting content communicated by the brand. Unfortunately, AdsCompass indeed experiences this issue: the company’s social media profiles have gone unattended for over a year, and the company blog lacks any recent posts. Additionally, there is a conspicuous absence of valuable resources like video tutorials, guides, and webinars.

The impression is that the company's media resources were redirected to Gold Lead, while AdsCompass was left somewhat neglected till better days. The lack of paid ads leaves room for competitors to capitalize on this gap by actively purchasing contextual ads on brand keywords.

From time to time the brand engages in attempts to foster a presence, which are sporadic in nature. As a result, AdsCompass remains nearly invisible in the affiliate marketing landscape. Even within the platform, this is the only update from the company.


A new SSP AdsCompass!

Hi! We are thrilled to present our new SSP, which is now faster and more efficient, enhanced with such great functionality as integrating postback, conversion tracking and much more!

P.S. Your feedback is highly appreciated!:)



The only PR narrative associated with AdsCompass pertains to the Zel.Ads case, also known as Zel.Biz and, which dashingly “pumped” several services with push traffic before vanishing into obscurity.

Meanwhile, the company has a continuous presence at conferences. Over the platform's existence of more than a decade, AdsCompass representatives have participated in over 40 affiliate conferences. Productive networking during such events might yield a few significant clients in the short term, but it falls short of establishing a prominent brand identity, regardless of the product's quality.

Ultimately, when comparing AdsCompass' promotional endeavors to RichAds’s robust content marketing and Kadam’s community marketing prowess, it becomes apparent why the company still appears to be in the shadows.

CPA.Club’s verdict and conclusion

Worth testing! The solid market expertise and experience of the development team ensure that a substantial volume of quality traffic is available, and you will receive the results you've requested in terms of targeting. The absence of extensive PR by the advertiser also presents an advantage: the less widespread knowledge about the source, the lower the inherent competition.

While AdsCompass may not appear as a flashy traffic network, this doesn't impede its decade-long existence, during which it has discreetly catered to significant partners. With the iGaming industry currently surging, the push and pop formats might yield higher conversions than the old good teaser approach for nutra offers.

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