SiGMA in a nutshell

On November 12th, a significant milestone in the affiliate marketing industry will be reached as CPA.Club Connect 2.0 takes place with the official partnership with SiGMA Group. It presents a significant opportunity for the Club to uphold the super-high standards of affiliate events and to establish a new industry benchmark. Club-branded events consistently draw prominent figures from the industry, including leading webmasters, founders of media-buying agencies, business owners, investors, and C-level executives. It's a gathering of the top talents of the community who are involved in CPA marketing in various capacities from the CIS segment.

Club Connect Malta marks the second industry event orchestrated in partnership with SiGMA. The inaugural event, Connect 1.0, featured motivational speaker and guest star Jordan Belfort . While you may not have heard much about this event (due to it being designed to be exclusive and closed in nature), we want to emphasize that organizing an event of this caliber would have been exceedingly challenging without the official support of SiGMA Group.

Within the history of CPA.Club, affiliate marketing has undergone significant transformations. Various verticals, strategies, and models have enjoyed periods of popularity, relevance, and profitability at different points in time. It's worth noting that many industry leaders didn't initially start in the iGaming niche but migrated towards it as online casinos and betting gained widespread popularity. Our top affiliates began participating in SiGMA events when the iGaming industry was at its zenith. Consequently, not everyone is familiar with the other projects under the SiGMA Group umbrella, which events should take precedence, what aspects to pay attention to, and who to connect with.

SiGMA in a nutshell

In an exclusive interview with CPA.Club, SiGMA Group founder Eman Pulis shared that his passion for organizing events dates back to his student days. A guy of Maltese descent, Eman quickly realized that hosting student parties was not only more captivating but also more profitable than pursuing a career in academic circles after graduation. The future founder of SiGMA continued his studies while putting together larger and more elaborate gatherings, drawing tens of thousands of people. In 2013, his endeavors unexpectedly broke through the profit ceiling, marking the first time he achieved a six-figure income. It was then that he decided to scale up his ventures, as hosting student parties proved increasingly challenging due to the unpredictable nature of the audience. Shifting his focus to business summits presented a different opportunity – a larger and potentially more stable audience. Furthermore, Malta was an ideal hub for international business activities, making it an excellent fit.

The first SiGMA iGaming Conference attracted around a thousand attendees, but with each subsequent conference, the brand continued to expand. For instance, International Malta Week drew an impressive crowd of over 25,000 participants. In 2021, SiGMA ventured into organizing conferences in Dubai, and last year, they made headway in four new regional markets. SiGMA Group has evolved from a regional startup into a formidable international holding, boasting a dedicated event team of over 100 full-time employees and offices in five different countries. And yet, SiGMA stands for way more than just a series of conferences focused on casinos and betting. Within the group of companies, there are several other significant projects that relate to conferences, this way or another. This complexity can be a bit perplexing for someone new to affiliate. Let's delve deeper into it.

SiGMA Play

SiGMA's interest in affiliate marketing didn't solely stem from the surging demand for CPA traffic from gambling and betting operators. It also has to do with SiGMA’s venturing into the market with the SiGMA Play project. This comprehensive iGaming catalog generates traffic for established and reputable brands through various models, including RevShare and referrals.



AIBC (which stands for artificial intelligence, blockchain, computing) is another event company established by Pulis in Malta in 2018. The conferences' focus is quite self-explanatory. While these events operate independently from the SiGMA brand, they are closely intertwined. As the integration of cryptocurrency payments into the iGaming industry has been on the rise in recent years, this connection is sure to grow even stronger.



In the realm of internet marketing, it's a common occurrence for media portals with established audiences to evolve into event companies. Interestingly, SiGMA took a different trajectory. As the festivals associated with it grew in scale, they experienced a pressing need for robust media support to bolster the events, sponsor support, and provide a platform for sharing expertise that couldn't find its place on the main stage. This necessity gave birth to SiGMA Magazine, which exists in both online and glossy formats, serving as a captivating and impressive collectible piece of merchandise. It’s worth noting that the magazine has proven to be so inspiring that many companies have taken cues from it, endeavoring to create their own versions for upcoming events. Additionally, a publication called BLOCK is also produced specifically for AIBC.


Ikigai Ventures represents an investment consortium comprised of multiple international funds specializing in blockchain, AI, and fintech projects. This fund actively engages in strategic investments, targeting projects in their pre-seed and seed stages, and provides these promising ventures with valuable expertise, resources, and influential connections. Consequently, each SiGMA conference incorporates distinct events tailored for startups, featuring pitch sessions in front of potential investors, and an extensive support program designed for micro-companies operating within niches relevant to this consortium's focus areas.

Why it is important and why it is good to know 

Affiliates and webmasters outside of the iGaming niche may perceive SiGMA as a complex entity with a multitude of projects seemingly unrelated to affiliate marketing. There's a common notion that these projects and activities are predominantly product-centric, with traffic playing only a peripheral role. We wish to dispel this outdated misconception, and recent developments, such as the integration of Affiliate World and SiGMA, serve as compelling evidence to support our argument.

Within the iGaming landscape, operator brands are rapidly expanding, venturing into new markets, and introducing innovative products. As this industry evolves, the demand for traffic grows significantly. The ever-evolving regulations imposed by governments worldwide further exacerbate the challenge of acquiring this traffic. In the forthcoming years, SiGMA will increasingly attract a diverse array of individuals, including webmasters, affiliate enthusiasts, SEO experts, and arbitrageurs. It's not inconceivable that SiGMA will broaden its scope beyond the iGaming niche to encompass the entirety of CPA marketing.

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