The new CPA.Club

The Club of eminent affiliates

CPA.Club has been a stronghold of affiliate marketing in the russian-speaking online segment since 2013. The Club used to be a private community of the most prominent and effective moneymakers in the field of CPA-marketing. It regulated the relationships between networks, affiliate programs and partners. It resolved conflicts and disputes, setting the pace for the entire market. For years, affiliate  arbitrage has been developing while existing around the CPA.Club. With the development of social networks, instant messengers and the CPA-industry itself, the format of the forums has lost its relevance. A new generation of moneymakers has grown up, and Club residents one by one began to leave the public field of the CPA-industry, transfering themselves into the other types of online business. Year after year, the brand of the Club began to lose popularity. Many newcoming reps of the market know nothing about the Club at all — because now there are influencers, opinion leaders and bright personalities.

The Club has been through a lot. But exactly right now, when affiliate marketing is going beyond the local communities, and moneymakers need to extend their experience and make it international, the community of progressive webmasters and market leaders is needed more than ever. The world itself divides people these days and the affiliate marketing industry is no exception. In difficult times, we must unite, help each other and learn from each other. That's why we decided to revive the brand of CPA.Club in an advanced and adapted format while maintaining the ideals of mutual assistance and respect.


New CPA.Club’s coming

The goal still remains the same: to unite the best representatives of the affiliate marketing industry around the Club, help each other, share experience and knowledge, develop together, find partners and launch joint projects. We want Internet marketers from all over the world to be able to access quality content on CPA, SEO, affiliate arbitrage and online moneymaking without language difficulties or professional barriers.

The new Club will be launched in the format of a forum, a blog, a catalog of businesses and companies, and a file cabinet of prominent industry representatives. We will also launch accessible social media platforms to adequately inform all members of the community. Now the project hosts content and allows communication in Russian, English and Ukrainian. The roadmap has plans for the implementation of Spanish and Portuguese localizations. We want to collect the best affiliate marketing practices from around the world and place them on one public platform.


Why forum

Perhaps many moneymakers may consider the format of the forum outdated, but not us. There is still no better standard for professional communication on the Internet than a forum. We promise to keep the forum structure clear and tidy, limit flooding, prevent spamming, and avoid excessive advertising. The forum is the best platform for gaining experience and competent feedback. For those who do not feel very confident on the forum, we have provided a blog format. Materials will be published in text, audio and video formats. The most popular materials are localized into other languages by the forum team.

The new CPA.Club is open to everyone. We do not restrict community members in accessing the content of the project, because we believe that everyone in the CPA marketing market can bring something new and useful. Here we divide industry representatives by the level of competencies and income. Therefore, for the most outstanding representatives of the niche, the club will provide a separate VIP space where TOPs can discuss higher-level issues. The VIP section of the club will retain the spirit of the “old” CPA Club. Fateful deals and the most ambitious special projects are discussed in a closed section.


Challenging together

Online moneymaking is exceptionally dynamic and unpredictable. This is especially true for affiliate marketing, where people of all professions burn out very quickly. The CPA industry is very nervous in itself, and the community is mostly toxic and not always welcoming. CPA.Club exists and develops on the ideals of mutual respect, understanding, help and support. We do not and cannot have aggression, insults, hate speech or deliberately unfriendly rhetoric. We do not tolerate humiliation, name-calling, offensive innuendo, unjustified defamation and harmful toxicity. By joining our community, a webmaster of any level can be sure that he will receive competent and professional communication without bile, rudeness and arrogance.


Not only online

While the world is challenging us and dividing people more and more, CPA.Club strives to unite industry representatives. Together with the community, we are increasing our presence at all international themed events. CPA.Club also means private pre-parties and meetups for each affiliate marketing conference, annual meetings of club members, and joint extreme recreation. In collaboration with the Riddick’s Call brand, we plan to hold our own conferences, as well as annual awards honoring the most outstanding authors.


What's for

The new CPA.Club is an opportunity to change the face of affiliate marketing around the world. Russian-speaking marketers will gain the opportunity to learn from international experience, take their business to a new level. Media buyers and online services from all over the world will have access to the entire expertise of advertising arbitrage from domestic specialists. The CPA market needs to mature and become professional. Advertising arbitrage cannot always be a local topic. To become a business, market representatives must develop. CPA.Club will provide this opportunity and take the entire industry to a fundamentally new level.



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