Trends 2023: white marketing in a new reality

In 2023, marketing strategies will continue to evolve in response to changes in consumer behavior, technological innovations, and changing economic conditions. In this article, we take a look at what trends will be on the rise in 2023 among white marketing agencies.

Increased focus on environmental issues

In today's world, people are becoming more and more concerned about environmental issues, and marketers are actively picking up on this. Companies will focus more on reducing the environmental impact of their products and services. This may include using greener materials, improving energy efficiency, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There will also be continued efforts to shift to sustainable forms of energy such as solar and wind power. Brands will emphasize the eco-friendliness of their products and services, even those who don't really care much about the environment and ecology.

Leveraging the power of  influencers

The use of influencers as brand ambassadors continues to gain momentum in 2023. Admittedly, this strategy has changed a bit. Brands are now more likely to focus on smaller blogs and influencers with small audiences. This trend has developed because blogs with a multi-million audience have partially witnessed decreased trust. Instead, users tend to trust influencers who are "closer to the people". Now, instead of signing huge checks for a single post on the page of a millionaire blogger, companies are more often choosing to take multiple posts from lesser-known influencers for the same amount of money. Sometimes this works like word of mouth. Often, the chance to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty is greatly increased with this strategy.

Circle vs funnel

The shift to a circular model of marketing processes, according to the HubSpot experts, is a fundamental shift in the way marketers view their strategy. Abandoning the outdated sales funnel in favor of targeted, account-based marketing is key to this model. Instead of a one-time handoff of leads to sales, funnels that focus on a series of mini-offers are now utilized. For example, master class videos, free mini-courses, and simplified paid versions of the full service. The new model is customer-centric and involves ongoing engagement with the customer post purchase. The circular, customer-centered model is the foundation of many inbound marketing strategies today. And the marketing funnel, as an outdated concept, is being sent to a well-deserved rest. 

Focus on data protection

With the increase in online transactions and information sharing, data protection is becoming increasingly important. This issue became particularly acute in 2022 after a string of data leaks from large holdings. In 2023, companies will prioritize protecting customer data and the information they collect. New marketing strategies will be developed to help secure customers' personal data and increase brand trust.

Technological advancements personalizing marketing

With the growth of new technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies will be able to collect and analyze customer data to provide a more personalized experience. This will allow companies to better understand customer needs and preferences and provide them with products and services that best suit their individual needs.

SEO in mind

SEO optimization will continue to play an important role; however its use will be supplemented by new technologies and methods. In particular, a wider use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is expected to analyze and optimize content for users' search queries.

In addition, in 2023, SEO will be closely linked to other marketing channels such as social media, content marketing and email marketing. Companies will strive to create integrated marketing strategies that integrate all these channels and aim to increase sales and attract new customers.

Not to be forgotten is the increased focus on user experience and user satisfaction. Search engines will increasingly focus on sites that provide high-quality content that meets user needs and has good loading speeds and easy navigation. 

Meanwhile, text formats and longreads are still popular. Users often get decided on a purchase immediately after reading an article, warmed by the captivating material. This works especially well in the cosmetics industry. 

The persistent influence of social media in 2023

In the coming year, the significance of social media as a marketing powerhouse is expected to persist. Companies are likely to make the most of the power of social platforms to forge stronger brand recognition, foster customer loyalty, and establish more direct lines of communication with their customers. Furthermore, they will more than ever rely on social media monitoring to gain insights into customer sentiment and competitor activity.

Elevating marketing through neural networks

Once again, about artificial intelligence, with a focus on the year 2023. Neural networks are poised to revolutionize marketing by finely tuning targeted advertising and scrutinizing the behaviors of potential customers. For example, neural networks will sift through vast user data, including user interests, preferences, and online behavior to pinpoint the optimal channels and time for ad display. Moreover, neural networks will go as far as crafting personalized messages and content tailored to each customer's unique parameters. This transformative approach promises to elevate customer attraction, retention, and the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Apart from analytics, companies are also integrating neural networks directly into their products. For instance, Notion Planner now offers AI-powered features that facilitate tasks like text translation, overview, and document structuring, etc. Google keeps in step with this tendency; the company has recently secured the right to employ GPT Chat.

TikTok, Shorts, and Reels

While TikTok keeps growing its client base, reels remain an exceptionally potent means of attracting subscribers. It's imperative not to rely on TikTok also, but also engage with Google Shorts and Reels. Both these platforms offer fertile turf for organic growth. 

In the contemporary landscape, consumers increasingly seek brands and products that align with their lifestyles. The promotion of short-form content retains its status as the most potent strategy for cultivating organic audiences.

In conclusion

In the broader scope of 2023, the world of marketing will be evolving persistently to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of consumer behavior, technological breakthroughs, and economic shifts. We will witness a greater emphasis on environmental and social responsibility, personalization of marketing strategies, and stringent data protection measures. Moreover, new technologies and social media will further shape the marketing landscape. Companies that remain attuned to these trends will thrive in 2023.

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