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CPA Network dr.cash

    dr.cash is one of the TOP affiliate network for working with Nutra vertical all over the world.

    2500+ offers, 55 niches for human beauty and health in 240+ GEOs (Tier - 1, 2 & 3 regions, including exotic) with Trial, SS, Up-sell and COD flows.

    Friendly & professional 24/7 support will help with any question and technical part and tell you what to drive traffic to and what now gives a big conversion in any region.

    Key Features:
    - Fast on-demand payouts up to 2x per day
    - Convenient intuitive interface and high-tech platform for working with traffic
    - Custom funnels with ready-made translations of landers and pre-landers for any region
    - Accepts traffic from any source
    - Active and helpful affiliate marketing community.


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