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Payment Service Lamanche Payments

    Payment solution that issues debit cards for advertising payments on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Taboola and other ad networks.

    💳 We have stable bins that work seamlessly with FB and Google. No hidden fees and the best rates on the market for various factors – top up your account with us and start working without unpredictable expenses.

    Each customer receives an account and statements similar to a bank. All cards are linked to the account: Facebook or Google holds are guaranteed to be returned on the tenth day. If you have any questions, write to your personal manager, they will solve problems and explain everything – no bots or tickets.

    Our features:

    🔘 Free service and card issuance. We will issue as many cards as you need.
    🔘 Only 3% commission on account replenishment.
    🔘 Stable trust BINs for worldwide payments - MC, Visa, UnionPay.
    🔘 Functionality for working in an arbitrage team, with roles like 'team leader/buyer'.
    🔘 Functions to work with 3DS, you can disable it for each card and receive codes directly in Telegram.
    🔘 Reliability and stability – the product has been on the market for a year and a half, already tested by top teams.

    Limitations? Minimum deposit is $500. If you don't like the product - fast and easy withdrawal. It is forbidden to use cards to defraud advertising platforms on the first deposit.

    In short, a friendly and transparent payment service, capable of solving individual tasks for arbitrage teams, with API integration.


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