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OpenAFF – Affiliate Program Review

    OpenAFF is the first technology finance affiliate network, using AI technologies in processing incoming traffic to achieve better conversion rates. With years of experience and working with large volumes of traffic, OpenAFF offers the best CPA, CPL, and CRG terms from direct advertisers to the partners.
    Our team of professionals has been successfully working in the affiliate marketing field for over 7 years.

    OpenAFF has full functionality available and provides everything you need to get started:
    1. Working links
    2. New creatives
    3. Configured smartlink
    4. API integration
    5. The ability to park your own domains

    Affiliate managers will assist everyone - we will find an approach for each partner, provide multilingual support, work 24/7, give recommendations for launching advertising campaigns, and connect a technical specialist to set up integrations.

    For our partners, we provide bonuses from services, have a loyalty program, give gifts and hold exclusive events.


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